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Dongfeng visteon opening ten anniversary celebration

Dongfeng visteon opening ten anniversary celebration
Start from scratch, from small to large, from weak heighten, dongfeng visteon ten years with vivid and practical interpretation of the win-win cooperation, the innovation development of the profound truth, walked out of a powerful combination, complementary advantages, consistent with their own actual development road. On September 26,, dongfeng trucks trim systems co., LTD., was held in wuhan opening ten anniversary celebration.The chairman of the company, secretary of the party committee XuPing, the company general manager, deputy secretary of the party committee ZhuFuShou sent congratulation, the company deputy general manager TongDongCheng, Andrew sobel, wuhan city people's congress standing committee, deputy director of the LuoChangGang, wuhan economic and technological development zone management committee, deputy secretary of the steering committee director LiZhong etc to attend the meeting. The meeting by dongfeng visteon secretary of the party committee, general manager of China WuXinBo host.
XuPing in congratulation, said hope dongfeng visteon to realize scientific development, surmounts the type development, the harmonious development of the new situation, and then to unfold the grand plan and success, then made XinGong brilliance.ZhuFuShou in video congratulation, said ten years, dongfeng visteon in product structure adjustment, localization talent training, international cooperation of cultural fusion, etc., is the subsidiary of dongfeng company of benchmarking. Mainly in depot services, dongfeng visteon also formed the unique enterprise culture, give priority to factory provides unique services, formed the dongfeng visteon's core competitiveness. Hope that the future development of the automotive industry in the process of 5 million cars in dongfeng dump truck company towards the development process, dongfeng visteon can bear important mission, realize more dream.TongDongCheng for ten years dongfeng and yanfeng visteon, the United States visteon cooperation achievement gave high evaluation. And he said, dongfeng visteon from scratch, from small to large, from weak heighten, with vivid and practical interpretation of the win-win cooperation, the innovation development of the profound truth, walked out of a powerful combination, complementary advantages, consistent with their own actual development road.
Looking to the future, TongDongCheng requirements, dongfeng visteon management team and the vast majority of employees in respect each other and the basis of solidarity, continue to adhere to the market and customer as the center, take full advantage of dongfeng internal big collaborative opportunities and external market demand growth opportunities, and constantly develop new products, develop new business, cultivate new advantages, and further improve operation quality, the new round of competition to promote the enterprise quickly and the lasting development.It is reported, dongfeng engine in September 2003, was set up by the state department of commerce approved the establishment of a formal sino-us joint venture, is from the world's second largest auto parts supplier American visteon international holding company, dongfeng electronic technology co., LTD., Shanghai yanfeng visteon automotive trim systems co., LTD. Of joint venture. Scope of business is the production and business operation, r&d development for automotive interior and exterior trim systems and components.Ten years, dongfeng visteon constantly import international advanced technology and mode of production, business performance rapid growth, too, as the dongfeng its star enterprise, started parts enterprises to participate in the international competition success model, for the components enterprise transformation and upgrade and structure adjustment played a good demonstration effect. Ten years, dongfeng visteon sales revenue and other major economic indicators keep a high growth, the scale of production, technology strength, market share increasing by a big margin, in 2011 won the wuhan economic and technological development zone ten big tax enterprise's title. In the future, dongfeng visteon plans to build nine career base (wuhan base, shiyan base, zhengzhou cummins isbe base, xian base, dalian base, xiangyang base, hangzhou base, guangzhou base, changsha base), realize the income from sales of 5 billion yuan of above, developed into a "for customers to create excess value, to provide shareholders with the best income, for employees to bring satisfactory benefits" of Chinese automotive trim industry flagship enterprise.
"Ten years, dongfeng visteon in product structure adjustment, localization talent training, international cooperation of cultural fusion, etc., is the subsidiary of dongfeng company of benchmarking." Dongfeng company general manager, deputy secretary of the party committee ZhuFuShou in video congratulation it affirms the dongfeng visteon company made extraordinary achievements.Dongfeng company director, secretary of the party committee XuPing for dongfeng cummins 4bt future gave more looking forward to: I hope dongfeng visteon to realize scientific development, surmounts the type development, the harmonious development of the new situation.As for the future, dongfeng visteon are full of confidence, and promise: continue to provide clients with super value service, to do: pay attention to customer service, and the best company to mark, continuous innovation, believe in the company all cadre staff's efforts, dongfeng visteon will continue earnings growth, and get more customer support.The meeting, "for the realization of dongfeng visteon value, quality world-class goal and hard struggle" banners particularly eye-catching.Leadership encouragement and expectations for dongfeng wei the purpose of high spirit. Celebration selected literary programs, will this mental outlook foil to acme. A vivid cadence, sonorous powerful musical "to glory" to draw attention to the celebration meeting cultural and artistic performance is prelusive, also inspired the purpose of dongfeng way towards new journey determination. By dongfeng company martial arts association President, dongfeng visteon Chinese general manager WuXinBo, the company martial arts association secretary general liu load sea performance of Chinese kung fu "servant knife into the gun", dongfeng visteon chairman YanFangMin songwriting compositional female chorus "spring song", cummins 6ct triggered a field round and round upsurge, show the dongfeng visteon leaders have the courage to bear, chasing the dream spiritual outlook.The national famous tenor JiangDaWei field sing "in the peach blossom in full bloom place", "horse Benz the frontier", "dare to where the" win universal praise songs, established in 2012, the year of the dragon "open the door doll", henan henan opera has been innovating "hong hai er" DengMingHe brother and sister to bring the LiuDaGe speech reason too partial ", "chaoyang groove", "old medley" and so on the henan opera has been innovating repertoire, well received by the audience favorite, lead to a burst of applause.
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Dongfeng commercial vehicle weight card new factories "benchmark

Dongfeng commercial vehicle weight card new factories "benchmarking" how to refined into
A year ago on September 29, 2011, "science and technology dongfeng, green dump truck, cultural dongfeng" fan of dongfeng commercial vehicle weight card new factory (hereinafter referred to as the new factory), with a period of 40000 cars ability project completed, start soared into the sky.A year later, in assembly business optimization "dongfeng", has become the new general assembly plant is an important part of the new factory, quietly grow into industry leaders.A year is years but has a short moment. But into the new factory, appeared over in our eyes, it is from inside to outside fission: ideas in transition, management in the leap, efficiency in the skyrocketing, resources in the integration, system in collaborative, staff literacy in ascension. In this year, the new factory through many difficulties strategic pass, starting, acceleration, is marching toward international benchmarking plant goal gallop.
Thinking in the conversion, the staff of the new factory as "home" to business,"Work programming, the development team staff pre-job training, production preparation, trial production...... day flies ah, busy I even forget in such an important day to go and we eight line first a referral car met. Look, colleagues all reveal the stranger smile!" This is the author in the factory assembly five dongfeng truck china workshop assembly four class cases.surgery monitor the notebook to see a paragraph.Everyone is the host, everyone to be operators. The new factory staff the factory as a "home" to run, condensed wisdom and sweat to promote new factory every bit of progress. In the market cold winter, assembly five workshop in the team carries out "the clerk type" management (team the amount of water, electricity, oil, paper costs, each have specific staff responsible for, by the day, week, month statistics, control, and implement improvement), they will be comprehensive income management execution to the team, carry out to each employee. This workshop director ZhangLi said: "as a workshop, throttle is open source, is down costs.
A drop of water, kilowatt-hour, a screw, a page... Are employees management object. Reporter in the workshop assembly class three see their "clerk type" management reports, the monthly power line clerk type independent management analysis control chart ", "monthly power line clerk type independent management statistics", "butter recipients form", "anaerobic adhesive use form", "fuel kinetic energy control cummins engine parts table", "clip assistive devices use control table" and a series of daily management form items neat. Through the clerk type management, assembly class 3 1-8 month save auxiliary cost 11430 yuan, the manufacturing cost is 52670 yuan.Quality management is also different, the new factory "focus on the micro quality, the pursuit of zero defect", refine management, implement the terminal responsibility, block the bad product outflow. The new factory for each employee has established the quality management files. File by the staff quality bad problem statistics ", "improving countermeasures table", "staff work observation list" and so on eight form composition, data integrity, clear, the staff work every day the quality are faithfully recorded in "case". Appeared problems and countermeasures of making, operation observation and so on, one by one "panoramic present", and effectively solves the quality problem tracking difficult, responsibility division orientation, it is difficult to carry out examination difficult sanatoriums "predicament.
The author sees, record the quality problem, the leader of class will dynamic tracking, form the PDCA cycle. Namely: P (plan) stage, according to the quality problems last month, formulate measures and implementation plan; D (implementation) stage, making OPL (a key project) training card and QYT (quality predict training) card, employees on online guidance; C (check), A (effect) stage, through the on-site observation, and team monthly review, will effectively in order to review and curing to the standard operation in the book.Staff quality management archives effect exactly? Assembly five workshop staff ZhengYongMing tells the author, as there is no master job skills, in his post is easy to appear the line dongfeng cummins engine interference problem, in February this year, he the quality problem of the points is of the highest class, after PDCA four stage a cycle go down, he the quality problem of the points dropped 60%.
Resource advantage in the amplification, cross functional team set up to improve, improve the timely and efficient24 cars, 60 vehicles, 90 vehicles... With the passage of time, the new factory production increasing in class. All this benefit from the integration of resources and rational utilization, powerful force break out into infinite vitality.Assembly business after optimization, the original general assembly plant, original heavy depot of excellent management experience, and gradually in the new factory to inheritance. The new factory to IFA activities as the carrier, many linkage, constructing the cummins 6l inter-departmental service platform, organization and a member unit was established to improve the team. They found that the problem from various angles, in order to solve comprehensive consideration, build overall improve atmosphere, improve to improve efficiency. Improve group and on-site staff face to face communication, in view of the field's most pressing the problem to be solved, organize seminars, with the fastest speed implement improvement. The author understands, in full participation improve low, no additional value homework, assembly workshop assembly line five foot number decreased by 17%, the production time increased by 31%, the assembly line JPMH increased by 22%, DSTR fell by 7.7%.DCPW propulsion coco long LiEnXu tells the author, IFA improve pay attention to production lines operating within the improvement of programming. As the "engine into return line assembly" subject, originally in the mainline cummins nt855 assembly, the position is narrow, operation difficulty. IFA group discussion after the decision will be moved to the sub-assembly line, assembly, eliminate the difficult work, save time 1.33 minutes/car.DCPW propulsion department staff Chen li said: "before employees also have many good improvement ideas, but true to implement up, but often cycle is long, efficiency low. IFA improvement group break improve barriers, actively promote the cross department or need a factory to external help improve work."Assembly five workshop DCPW propulsion ChengChao member is to improve the team members, he told the IFA improve have cummins isle deep feelings. And he said, to the scene of the IFA homework line edge improve touches is very large, many small improvement, has realized tools at hand is changed, the shortest distance change homework and reduce the staff's low, no additional value operation. Such as: "air cylinder packaging operations" pattern is more, employee turned to take bolt, nut waste, and mutual in operation process is easy to cause path interference. The split charging station edge loading small material box, placed standard parts and tools, reduce the number of walk 256 steps, and improve the efficiency.
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Dongfeng station wagon coach business five times the leading ind

Dongfeng station wagon coach business five times the leading industry growth
Dongfeng automobile corporation's east xiangyang station wagon company (hereinafter referred to as the "east station wagon) business bulletin shows: this year bus (bus + chassis) industry grew 4.86%, and dongfeng cummins engine station wagon 1 - August realize car (bus + chassis) sales 21297 vehicles increased by 20.74% as compared, for more than 5 times the growth leading industry. The chassis sales of 19320 cars, finish a project of 115.13%, an increase of 17.88%, since last October first to return to the industry, and have been topped industry first, and continuous 11 months keep high growth. Popular models - east school bus is eager to live up to expectations, with characteristic of seven major security package and excellent quality, achieve sales of 1027 vehicles increased by 158.7% as compared, become east station wagon production growth the fastest one of models
In the domestic coach industry "micro growth" environment, dongfeng cummins station wagon is how to break through cold snap, become high growth "little giant"?
Live in shandong zibo customers Mr. Wang was recently, because through to the market every bus type is in every possible way comparison, finally buy one accord car - dongfeng lotus flower, also received east station wagon lorry-mounted giveaway "engine first protect oil and filter" package.Mr. Wang said: "this package too benefits, to a large extent to solve our terminal customer worries for the future." The package is not only for the owner of the car in the engine ZouGe maintenance to provide the material quality guarantee, and the engine and chassis parts go the GongShiFei implement all free policy.In fact, like Mr. Wang so enjoy the east station wagon value-added service users more than one. On January 1st, dongfeng truck station wagon took the lead in the circulation industry in chassis launch lorry-mounted free "engine first protect oil and filter" package, currently, there are 20000 users to enjoy this gift. With "the ritual" feedback users, for users to create value-added service value at the same time, also contributed to the east station wagon itself the rapid growth of sales, but also east station wagon in the first eight months achieve greater than the industry five times the important support growth.
Dongfeng station wagon salesperson introduction, chassis market and the market competition is intense, only then stands in the user position for the user to consider, to provide users with more value-added services, to win more customers.If giving "package" is to provide users with visible tangible value service, then east station wagon structures of electronic business, service platform system is to provide users with intangible value service.For quick response user demand, cummins parts station wagon official start e-commerce platform chassis order system (referred to as the ECS system). In the procurement, supply, and type data query, order storage, product price and the whole value chain to realize electronic office, improve work efficiency. Start electronic service platform system (referred to as the ESP system), customer complaint information, service scheduling, spare parts purchase and allocation are directly through the ESP system online transfer, so as to replace many traditional telephone contact, artificial fax, etc, effectively avoid the fax have not received, or a not turned out after repeated verification and push wait for the happening of the circumstance. To do so drastically reduce the customer demands of waiting time.In addition, cummins 6bt station wagon also entrusted service plan. Through the and coach enterprise conclude and sign an agency service agreement, the company entrusted agent on the after-sales service business, first by the company service station processing, again by company and entrust bus enterprise service fee settlement, for end users to provide "one-stop" service.Dongfeng automobile corporation bus chassis years gallop across the battlefield, accumulated a good public praise, and constantly improving the overbalance services, but also for dongfeng station wagon in the fierce market competition chassis beyond competition foreshadowing the solid foundation.
July 28,, the London Olympic Games grand opening, dongfeng cummins isde station wagon company cadre staff has no time to watch the games wonderful, GaoWenJia period, they fight in their work, for the market, fight for honor and war.Since late July, xiangyang from the temperature down to the above 38 degrees Celsius. Memories of the last few months in order to ensure market sales, everyone against the high temperature, the high yield of the tough situation, dongfeng station wagon of many employees fresh. Though tired and bitter, but east station wagon company staff but feel the joy of laborer."Morning 8 point, we chassis remodeled several brothers meet summer young soldier muttered angrily started to work; 2 PM, and under the scorching sun in the heat of the sun every day to work, the poison is also our most busy." In the post more than four years FengChao master craftsman and poplar said with a smile. Although the operation department to give them equipped with electric fan, but due to the outdoor temperature is too high, this little wind fundamental of no help. FengChao recalled, in high temperature high yield of those days, "we chassis restructuring's several, every day to wash 'sauna,' clothes haven't done, although hard, but think of the goods will be delivered the user, the in the mind or special happy."
In an interview with paint shop, shop DengXiGui monitor the reporter lead to spray paint room, outside display temperature is 20 degrees Celsius. Walked into a spray paint room, reporters feel heat wave blow on the face and come, as if into the sauna room, heat degree cans be imagined.DengXiGui tells a reporter, operation of the highest temperature of indoor spray chamber, it is painting work special canyon. To "painting" speaking, it has two characteristics: in the winter sweat profusely, summer collect sweat a river. In order to ensure painting quality, protect the environment and maintain the health of operators, spray chamber design is fully enclosed, indoor highest temperature can be up to 50 degrees Celsius, and into the here only a few minutes, no work has been sweat. Finish class of employees to do their job calls for "evaporate sauna".In the chassis operation department of the cummins kta19 production workshop, operators are moment is not slack, and even take parts are trot, do not wish to much delay a second. The reporter understands that this article chassis line design daily capacity is 68, and now the average daily output is 110 sets, every day is equivalent to more than 160% overload running. Chassis operation department minister lo wu JiangJieShao: "in view of the present bus chassis both production and marketing thrive trend, in order to meet the market demand of customer orders, chassis operation department all employees uncomplainingly overcome various difficulties, in the first time will be qualified chassis to customer hands!"GaoWenJia period, dongfeng station wagon chassis operation department after six days even class to 22:00 at night. Total production chassis 610, 1009 sets of warehousing, Assembly operation department accumulated overtime 7 days, total production 62, the 74 sets. Assembly operation department established high temperature commandos accumulated 10 days work overtime, ensure normal production under the condition of having xiangyang five units of electric car production.
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